Gear Head Webcam WC755IPT Support in Roborealm
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So I have a couple Gear Head 1.3 Megapixel Webam Motions Model #: WC755IPT that have built in pan and tilt servos.  They've been pretty cheap lately and I was wondering if you could make a module that lets me control them.  Let me know what I can do to help, if you need me to donate one to you I'd be willing to.  Thanks,

Here is the Company Website, though they don't have a picture of my model, but the drivers are there.

Here is what it looks like

I've been buying mine off the shelf at MicroCenter, but their website doesn't list it.
Anonymous 13 year
Yea, we're familiar with that camera. Used to be called InSight from Micro Innovations. Seems that you have a rebranded one to Gear Head. We had one a couple years ago and attempted to interface to the pan tilt but gave up after a couple days since we could not get any response from the originating vendor who was apparently going out of business! So the reason that most are not advertising that one is that most likely there was some stock left but no company is producing these or providing support.

Unfortunately, it is not a bad camera but without any company producing them anymore we are not likely to spent additional time on creating a module that operates the pan&tilt.

Two ways around that, if you know of someone that is selling and supporting that device (perhaps this is GearHead??) we will devote more time towards it OR if you can find a source for the USB protocol to control these that would do it too.

It is a pity that sometimes products like these just don't make it!


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