Official Kinect Drivers
Danh from United States  [79 posts]
13 year
FYI - Official Microsoft Kinect drivers coming in Spring! Should make driver installs easier along with access to other features like audio.


Anonymous 13 year

Yes, we've heard this too! Most excellent. We'll be right ontop of this when it comes out. Happy to hear that MS is helping out the developer community with that most useful product.


Jared Thorlakson from Canada  [11 posts] 12 year
Any progress towards using the MS driver?  I'd very much like to have the ability to use the noise cancelling microphones for speech recognition on my robot.
spacehermit from United States  [28 posts] 12 year
There is a piece of software that MS has out for Windows 7... having to do with robots... It's free and there is a contest with prizes... I'm going to interface my Roborealm with it and my robot if I can.  (see what it can do.. although I support ROS more, this should be much easier.)


Jared Thorlakson from Canada  [11 posts] 12 year
If you have any successess interfacing the two (with the API I assume) let me know.  I am a junior high teacher, so any time I can make things simpler for my club members, the better.

spacehermit from United States  [28 posts] 12 year
k - will do... may not be anytime soon, since I have to finish coding my Roborealm telepresence robot by Oct 8th, but he will be extremely fun and open to the public.  I'll post somewhere on the forum with the login information sometime next month.

btw it's an electric wheelchair driving system with 25 shot automatic nerf gun and ping sensors as bumpers.

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