Variables don't change for motors?
Loren John Presley from United States  [17 posts]
15 year
I'm trying to get my robot to change motor values via voice command. But its not working.

The sabertooth is receiving the right baud rate, I tried moving the motor values with the sliders manually and the motors respond. I have the motors set to channel 130.

The listen feature is recognizing my voice. When I say forward, I see the right value come up in the Display Variables window. But for some reason the motor values won't change from 128 to 200...I'm using the If Statement and Set Variables module to do this. Everything looks like it's in place but the motors don't change.

I've attached my .robo file for your convenience. Any help with this problrem would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Anonymous 15 year

Based on your next post at


did this issue get resolved?

One thing to check is if the sliders move in the Sabertooth GUI dialog. If they do then perhaps you have put the variables in the wrong Address / Motor.


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