object tracking with Parallel Port control without servo motors
17 year
thank u again for your replay but try to undertsand what i need sorry for my spelling but i do not have servo motors like the one you use here in Tutorials  i have a dc motors with gearbox or stepper motor but i do not have this type of servo that u have here . my project is object tracking but i want to use Parallel Port with dc motor or stepper motor not servo motor becuse we do not have this here in egypt and it is so expinsive  and the parral port control in robot wireless and  i do not need any hardware i need a software to make the robot follow me for exmple with parrallel port control in motors  and also i want to make robot to work as line tracking  i could use the both motors as stepper if it was going to work in this was .please help me i need this software

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