Version 2.18
robert hopkins from United States  [3 posts]
14 year
I downloaded the latest version, and my Phidget 888 quit working, It said i did not have correct Dll loaded
Anonymous 14 year
Which function did it say was missing? Or was it just a generic error?

Also, could you look in your


folder and see if a phidget21.dll exists in there?

If you only have a Phidget.dll or a Phidget20.dll you should download the latest driver code from Phidgets and install. That may fix the issue.

Anonymous 14 year
Opps, ignore that last post (except the part about keeping the code up-to-date). It looks like we have a small issue that may be creating the problem. We'll get that addressed shortly ... please wait for the next post.

robert hopkins from United States  [3 posts] 14 year
It is a generic error, also the 888 was working with version 2.17, I have phidget21 in my system directory
Anonymous 14 year

Can you download ver 2.18.1 and see if that fixes the issue?

Seems that an interface ID was changed that caused a load issue on the GUI interface which was incorrectly interpreted as a DLL error.

Thanks for your note!
robert hopkins from United States  [3 posts] 14 year
That corrected the problem, this is awesome software, thank you

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