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taft d haynes from United States  [1 posts]
15 year
I have just purchased several robotics invention systems, which are RCX 1.0 which I have just found out is about 10 years old.  The cd will not operate in windows XP.  I have heard of Robolab being backward compatible with the older bricks, is this true?  How do I get that software?  Or what do you reccomend that we do?  Please help?

Anonymous 15 year

Hmm, not sure what you should do. How did you get the RCX machines and didn't the vendor that sold them to you have the CDs? You'd probably have to go directly to Lego or one of their resellers in order to acquire the appropriate Robolab CDs.

What leads you to believe that the CD does not operate in winXP? We have the RCX 2.0 and that functions fine ... perhaps you can try that version of the Robolab?

Might be best to contact Lego about this ..


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