Zooming down the viewed image while saving the full image.
Marc  [2 posts]
14 year
Can anyone tell me how I could scale down my displayed image size while saving the full resolution of the image to disk. I am successful with using the Scale function to reduce the image size from 1024 X 768 to 512 X 384 for viewing. But when I save the image  it is saved at the lower resolution not the full 1024 X 768 bitmap. Thanks.
Anonymous 14 year
Couple of different ways to do that. When viewing the main RR GUI any module that you click on and then press the Save button will save the image that you are currently looking at. Thus if you click before the scale module or un-toggle the run button you will save it at the full res.

The other way is to use the Write_Images module which will do this programatically. The placement of this module is relevant in that it will save the current image based on where it is in the pipeline (assuming the Current image is selected).

Does that help?

Marc  [2 posts] 14 year
Thank you STeven!

Yes and No. My question was probably lacking in detail. My Roborealm application is tied into a VB6 application. This application requires that the user view a scaled down version of the live image on-screen. Since there is not enough room on-screen to accommodate the full res image and the VB6 form. The Roborealm application is controlled via the RR API from my VB6 program. I would like my application to have a scaled down image on-screen and when the user is satisfied with what he sees, the image is snapped and saved to disk in full res without a visible rescaling on-screen. Thank you.
Anonymous 14 year
Ok, then you probably want to use the Marker module in RoboRealm to save to memory a scaled down version given a specific name that you will use in the rr.getImage to grab from RoboRealm. When the user is satisfied you would then requery RoboRealm for the full scale image.

Thats what the "name" field in the getImage function is used for. The default is "processed" which is the final image after all the processing is complete. Another intrinsic one is "source" which is the initial image captured by the webcam. Anything else refers to a stored image (created most likely via the Marker module).


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