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Ben Graham from United States  [17 posts]
14 year
I was wondering if it is possible to use the button interface while the camera is set to full screen mode.  I have version 2.14.8 and when I Go to -Zoom -Full Screen my camera obviously takes up the entire screen.  But then I can't use the buttons anymore.  Is there anyway I can access the buttons while in full screen mode?


Anonymous 14 year

Unfortunately not. The full screen interface only allows graphics to be draw and no UI windows are accessible. What you may do instead is use the keyboard read to program in some keystrokes that would perform the same actions as the buttons ... the other possibility is to use the mouse in some way ... perhaps movement or even the mouse buttons as ways to get input into the application.

What are you using the buttons for during full screen view?

Ben Graham from United States  [17 posts] 14 year
Right now I am making a mobile robot.  It has a lot of features like pan/tilt camera, laser pointer, and encoders on the wheel.  What I wanted to use the button interface for is to turn on and off the laser.  Also I am planning on controlling the robot with a joystick.  While driving around, the value of the motors would be read by the encoders and stored into an array.  Then when I press a button on the button interface, I will be able to automatically do the entire path I just drove, in reverse.  I would just use the values from the array as the new motor values.

This brings me to my second question.  I am building this entire robot with the VEX Robotics kit.  I don't know if you know, but the VEX kit is coming out with new wireless WIFI control.  Do you think the VEX RoboRealm module will be able to work with this WIFI system?  I know the VEX RoboRealm module is kind of old...

Thanks for your help,


Anonymous 14 year

I'd probably use one of the joystick buttons to perform those tasks ... that makes it a much more usable interface than even the buttons. Most joysticks come with quite a few so you shouldn't have any issues on running out.

We're not sure about the vex wifi but are planning on supporting it when we get around to purchasing that kit. While it may not work today I would not worry about purchasing the unit as the old vex system is quite old and we've been meaning to update that.


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