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EB500 Keeps blinking
15 year 7 1525
object recognition
I tried windows voice recognition and it doesn't work hardly at all.  other people at the police department still use...
11 year 1 1525
See Variable in View_Variables not correct in VB
In my pipeline I have 2 sections of image  process. On the second process I use the Blob_Filter with the...
11 year 1 1525
connect error!!!
Hi there, I'm trying to run the vb.net example in the API, but I'm getting an error message "Co...
16 year 3 1525
Irobot - a good approach for building a robot?
The irobot roomba or create seems to be a great platform for building a own robot. It has plenty of sensors and a build-in basal...
10 year 2 1525
I have tried to use this program on 3 different computers, 2 with XP and one with Vista. It...
16 year 4 1526
Interfacing roborealm with motor controller via PIC microcontroller
Hi everyone. After image processing done by roborealm, roborealm needs to control my motor controller and that needs to be done...
11 year 3 1526
using a counter for setvariable
I would like to SetVariable "left_motor" and "right_motor" until e.g. the robot moves 3m forward and then turns right then f...
11 year 2 1526
Population threshold
Hi, I'm interest Population threshold feature, but I can't found relative paper, anybody can recommand some paper about the th...
15 year 2 1526
Need Help With Red Tracking Vbs
Hi Steven, I have been pretty vague in my last post here is what i am doing: Building an automatic paintball gun t...
15 year 2 1526
Tracking Shopping Carts
How effective would Roborealm be for identifying and positional tracking of a shopping cart going through a check out lane? ...
12 year 1 1526
interface RR to c#
Hi I wrote my robot using c#, now I want to add vision.  I want to use RR, but being new...
12 year 2 1526
Communication b/w two RR instances
I have two instances of RR running on my system at the same time. I want to sent two variables in one instance of RR to the othe...
15 year 2 1526
several Roborealm instance
Hi, I want to use Roborealm to control several SRV-1B robots. But, I could only use one instance to control one robot at one tim...
16 year 3 1526
Drawing a heat map
I need help. I'm trying to take temperature readings and generate a sort of heat map. Something like this:
10 year 3 1526
transfer of licence & Billing methods
Hi again, I would like to buy the Commercial RR license but have a few questions. 1)...
12 year 3 1526
NewPipeline() and the API
Hi, I am building a C# application using the RoboRealm API and have been encountering issues with c...
8 year 2 1526
Robot Control form Overhead camera
How does one control the path of a robot when the only input is the image from the overhead camera? Once an image is acquired an...
12 year 2 1526
set_image with grayscale images
Hi, ist there a way to send grayscale images by providing only the gray values? Sendi...
15 year 2 1527
Endurance PCTx (Not Responding)
Hi I'm running RoboRealm v1.8.23.25 and I have an Endurance PCTx usb device.  When I in...
15 year 3 1527

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