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Guitar hero bot
Hi guys.  I have my PS2 w/ Guitar Hero: Aerosmith hooked up to my PC, with the RCA hooked up to a tuner card. &nb...
13 years 3 1250
Tracking Shopping Carts
How effective would Roborealm be for identifying and positional tracking of a shopping cart going through a check out lane? ...
11 years 1 1250
Feature extraction using a laser measurement system
Hi all, I have currently a project running and my task is to detect chairs and tables using only a...
10 years 1 1250
receiving characters
Can the serial in buffer get purged when read? In a Pic, for example, the receive bu...
9 years 1 1250
API Server Enabled settings
Hi, I'm having trouble with the API settings not being retained from startup to startup.
6 years 2 1250
Roboteq Module?
I was wondering when and if a Roboteq Module will be created? I have read other form posts asking for people to contact Roboteq...
10 years 1 1250
v 2.80.50
I just upgraded to v 2.80.50 and RR is not interfacing with (recognizing) camera. All was perfect before upgrade. Suggestions? ...
6 years 2 1251
Image Pause
Hi STeven, I'm working on an inspection program that receives a trigger over a serial port, perfor...
8 years 2 1251
Painting with a lightsource
So I just came across this program tonight, and now I have many projects I want to design and pursue... but I have a question: <...
13 years 6 1251
Image Match Module Crashes
I load the Image_Match module. After "training", the module crashes the application without fail. I have tried many different...
13 years 3 1251
Population threshold
Hi, I'm interest Population threshold feature, but I can't found relative paper, anybody can recommand some paper about the th...
14 years 2 1251
New Roboshow
Hey Everyone I am casting for a groundbreaking mechanized robotic competition show, and I am looking for great people! Think Rea...
10 years 1 1251
dc Thunder Missile Launcher not able to work with roborealm
hi i was not able to get the dc Thunder Missile Launcher  to work with roborealm(via index=> dc_missile i've tried...
9 years 1 1251
roborealm with interactive cinemas
hi STeve i am working on a simulator and i ask if i can use roborealm as interface software between what is displ...
8 years 2 1251
Hello, I´m new at this. Is there any way to let roborealm press keys? I m using the 2nd example on t...
14 years 5 1251
Finding circles in circles
Hi I have an application where I want to locate a circle within another circle, and get the center...
14 years 2 1251
Read Variables Problem
I am trying to get rid of a bunch of Set_Variable modules with a Read_Variables module. It am usin...
13 years 5 1251
Robot Control form Overhead camera
How does one control the path of a robot when the only input is the image from the overhead camera? Once an image is acquired an...
11 years 2 1251
image processing
how can i recognize the numeric digits in different images of circular tokens which are very similar to coins....
12 years 2 1252
Portal 2 Turret with SFX
Here's a quick little .robo that uses motion detection to provide provides smoothed targeting coordinates complete with Portal...
10 years 1 1252

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