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Installation problems
I purchased the license. How do I re-install RoboRealm? I tried uninstall/re-install. It keeps on...
14 year 2 1466
See Variable in View_Variables not correct in VB
In my pipeline I have 2 sections of image  process. On the second process I use the Blob_Filter with the...
10 year 1 1466
robot orientation
I want to correctly orientate my robot. Camera is installer on the roof(overhead camera). Robot has to orientate towards a parti...
10 year 2 1466
3 camera output on single screen
In my application, I am using 3 camera. I need three camera windows open simultaneously.
2 year 3 1466
getting a black screen
Running Windows XP SP3 with latest DirectX drivers installed. Brand new HP Deluxe webcam. Drivers i...
14 year 2 1466
Painting with a lightsource
So I just came across this program tonight, and now I have many projects I want to design and pursue... but I have a question: <...
15 year 6 1467
License Limitations?
I just need to know the license limitations. It the license machine locked, or licensed to the user?
14 year 3 1467
receiving characters
Can the serial in buffer get purged when read? In a Pic, for example, the receive bu...
10 year 1 1467
controling Stepper motor drivers
First of all  RR is Great. I starting to Love this Software, it has so many possible applications.
13 year 2 1467
using a counter for setvariable
I would like to SetVariable "left_motor" and "right_motor" until e.g. the robot moves 3m forward and then turns right then f...
10 year 2 1467
How to get the fiducial border
I am wondering if the fiducial border (the green/purple outline that shows RoboRealm has seen the fiducial) information is store...
10 year 3 1467
IIT Kharagpur Robotics Fest
Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2013, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 1 – 4 Febr...
11 year 1 1467
Joystick framedrop
Hi, I am trying to use the joystick module for controlling my parallax usb servo controller.
15 year 3 1467
Failed to render streams
Hello Steven, I have problem with my roborealm. it shows such error although there is no application...
7 year 2 1467
Tracking help
I just found roborelm and am having some fun with it. I'll just tell you my goals, and see if i can get pointed down the right...
14 year 2 1467
problem with download
I just downloaded the new update .7 8/2 it causes winrar to return an error stating there was an un...
15 year 4 1468
From RoboRealm to C++ program
I am very very new to using RoboRealm. I have been working with a group on a project for visually impaired users. We are buildin...
13 year 2 1468
School project
I am working on a university project where I am required to identify coins and dollar bills put under the camera. We basically w...
13 year 2 1468
Clear cuurent image
Which module to be used can I clear current image ?...
12 year 5 1468
Pixel's speed
How can I estimate the speed's motion of pixels from one image to another     (in pixel/second) ?...
15 year 3 1468

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