Image Distributor problems
James Dickinson from Australia  [49 posts]
12 year

I am having some problems using the distributor client and server.

here is my setup :

OQO2 1.6ghz 1gb Ram 5400rpm HDD running Windows 7 and Roborealm + Distributor Server with 5 Threads.
The OQO2 connects to my home Wireless network at 802.11b

Intel i7 3.2gz Quad Core super desktop machine running Windows 7 and Roborealm + Distributor Client.  Lossy 2 compression requesting Image and Sending 4 string variables. Connecting via Lan Cable to router

The Idea :

My OQO2 is not powerful enough to run the image analysis pipeline at over 5fps so I figured I would offload this work to my desktop machine which can do the pipeline at 30fps with only 10% cpu (LOL).
In Principle it works fantastically, however the client or server keeps loosing connection. Data bandwidth peaks at a mere 30kb/s (thanks to the lossy compression) yet it seems to be this bandwidth which is causing them to disconnect and reconnect every ten or so seconds. Wireless strenght on the OQO2 is 100% (its like 1m away) and in file copy testing I can sustain 1.5mb/s data transfer rate between my PC and the OQO2.

Unfortunately if I reduce the image size, I lose the ability to use lossy compression (crashes roborealm, or if your lucky just screws up the cam image) on the reduced image size meaning the difference in bandwidth is minimal

I hope someone knows a solution to this, because when its not disconnecting/reconnecting it works fantastically! The OQO's work is reduced significantly, increasing battery life by almost 30%, and allowing my Object Avoidance pipeline to run at full FPS, which gives much better object recognition
Anonymous 12 year

Can you download the latest version and see if this error continues?

Also, does this happen if you do NOT check the Send Variables checkbox? We're not sure if the error is image or variable related and that would help to track things down.

For the reduction in image size ... RR crashes when you change the camera image size from 640x480 to 320x240 or the other way around?

James Dickinson from Australia  [49 posts] 12 year
Hi Steven,

I will try out the new version tonight! if problems persist I will do some more thorough testing

The image resize crash is actually caused by the compression from within the distributor client.  I change the server webcam image size from 320x240 to say 160x120 everything works fine until I choose any type of lossy compression. Instead of a compressed 160x120 image on the client end, I get a 160x120 image with the red, green and blue channels all out of alignment. If it still happens after the update I will take some images for you

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