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RR Screen is Black
hi, I use RR on my laptop (OS: XP SP3) with vista he has worked normaly jet i upgrad...
15 year 2 1512
Industrial Robot Serial Communication
Hello Steven, First of all, thank you for such a great piece of software. At our college we have a small industria...
10 year 1 1512
Load file runs slow
When I run a program that I have just set up it works fine until I save and reload the file then the computer slows down to an u...
15 year 2 1512
servo control
hi; there is someting ı can t understand about servo control with using roborealm. do ı have to use the...
14 year 2 1512
I have tried to use this program on 3 different computers, 2 with XP and one with Vista. It...
16 year 4 1512
Radial Distortion Coefficient input question
What are the P0 and SCALE variables for? (I understand what the other variables do.) both values are 1000 by default. what do th...
14 year 2 1512
Finding defects in printed materials
Hi Guys, Can you give me some pointers on how to check for defects in printed materials using RoboR...
15 year 2 1513
Multiple SRV-1 control over different internet source
Hi, I'm working on a project to control 6 robots, most probably SRV-1, in the same area. The users...
12 year 1 1513
School project
I am working on a university project where I am required to identify coins and dollar bills put under the camera. We basically w...
14 year 2 1513
IIT Kharagpur Robotics Fest
Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2013, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 1 – 4 Febr...
11 year 1 1513
Installation problems
I purchased the license. How do I re-install RoboRealm? I tried uninstall/re-install. It keeps on...
14 year 2 1513
Counting chub packages in case
I'm scratching my head on where to start this one. I am trying to get a total count on the sticks, but because of their irregul...
12 year 2 1513
receiving characters
Can the serial in buffer get purged when read? In a Pic, for example, the receive bu...
10 year 1 1513
Roborealm and Pololu Mini Maestro 24
Roborealm Servo Control Interface only activtates half of Pololu Mini Maestro 24 channels. Channels 17 thru 24 sta...
12 year 2 1513
How to use Moment Statistics
I was wondering what Moment Statistics would be used for and how to segment images to create individual blobs.
11 year 2 1513
Server automatic start
Hi guys, first I would like to say this is a tremendous piece of software! I remember spending months on my own vision p...
16 year 3 1513
I'm from Sweden where we use "," as decimal separator. I'm storing av float with setVariable in one vbscript. When I read i...
11 year 2 1513
display the detected object on visual basic program
hello,how do i make object that been detected by roborealm to be display on visual basic program.for example: let say if the det...
14 year 3 1513
Object detection and timing
I am looking at possible options for using roborealm to be installed on a stationary system attached to a camera, with the purpo...
9 year 1 1513
Parts recognition and output
I have a project but do know where to start. 1. I need camera to recognize the parts ( about 4 to 1...
11 year 2 1513

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