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I just found roborelm and am having some fun with it. I'll just tell you my goals, and see if i can get pointed down the right path.

What i want to start with is tracking a person, or animal, walking around the room. I want to relay the coordinates of those objects to be able to control a couple of motors. The goal is to have a robotic head and eyes follow you around the room. if there is more than one blob in the room, i would eventually like the robot to change its attention at random intervals.

So step one is to track blobs. By using the movement module I have found it easy to create white blobs on movement in the room.

Step two would be to to find those coordinates so i can control some dc motors . the robots head wont be int he same location as the camera, so ill have to work on converting the point of view coordinates for the camera to the pov of the robots head. a lot of that i will be able to do.

Where do I go from here to get the COGS for each blob?

thanks for any tips.
Anonymous 15 year

You could use the Blob_Filter to get the COGS of each blob ... although you probably want to filter out some of the blobs since you can't track all of them. Perhaps just pick the largest blob to track. Thus the BLOBS array variable would just contain one entry.

Alternatively you could just use the Center Of Gravity module which would track the largest condensed area of blobs. While this is less exact as just tracking the largest blob it might work just as well.

Keep in mind that the movement module will detect changes. The highest and most frequent changes are at the border of objects (i.e. think of an edge detector). So if you detect a moving object and extract all but the largest response this will most likely be slightly to the left or right of the object (cause it is detecting the edges).

Also try experimenting with the "Remove Global movement" option in the movement module. This tries to eliminate movement generated by the camera moving instead of something in the scene.

What are you using to control the DC motors? The Sabertooth?


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