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NXT connector wires
Just want to ask... anyone who knows where can i buy NXT or EV3 compatible connector wires/cables with the modified RJ jack here...
8 year 1 1423
Server automatic start
Hi guys, first I would like to say this is a tremendous piece of software! I remember spending months on my own vision p...
15 year 3 1423
Problem using API (newbie)
I am having a problem using API code given in the samples.(I am using MSVC++).When I compile and execute main.cpp I get the erro...
14 year 3 1424
Tracking Person Shirt striped RGB
Im still trying to find a good way to track a person. Ive used a single color, while this works, once it sees the same color it ...
10 year 0 1424
Does RoboRealm use PC processor's SIMD instructions?
I was wondering if some of the RoboRealm modules take advantage of Intel's/AMD's SIMD instructions....
12 year 3 1424
Remote For sale
Hey Guys I am looking to sell this commercial remote It is a brand new robot remote made by Inuktun, It is built i...
11 year 1 1424
Changing a tutorial file crashes roborealm
Hi STeven, I've just been trying to change the filter in the program given in this post from a yel...
15 year 2 1424
I've bought one license of this software. I've installed it to my laptop. Everything operates well. Thx.
11 year 1 1424
Shape Recognition
Hello, My name is Joey, I am a Student (18 Years old). I live in France and I am doing a project wi...
10 year 1 1425
Number of output images
hi i am using RR for colour detection in a video and i am saving those images where a specific colo...
15 year 2 1425
error during installing API
hi i am student at cal state university los angeles.. I tried to install api for using roborealm wi...
14 year 2 1425
sending Surveyor SRV-1 image to RoboRealm
we have an SRV-1 application that we'd like to use RoboRealm for the vision processing for.  So I need to take the im...
14 year 5 1425
Parallel process
Hi, I've got more experience on vvvv toolkit (pixel shader...). This kind of request is easily don...
15 year 2 1425
roborealm conversion
Hello all, I'm trying to program the SRV1 Blackfin camera, I see that you can use Roborealm to do...
15 year 2 1425
Forum Problem
Why do I get a message saying I can't post?...
10 year 2 1425
Serial module
The serial module wont remember by serial port. Its the only module loaded. I can select the port from the drop down. remember d...
11 year 4 1425
stripped down version of RR
I am looking for a similar program with nice Windows GUI like RoboRealm, but I only need the Imaging filters/functions, i don't...
13 year 3 1426
RoboRealm Crashes my Windows 7
I  recently downloaded the trial version of RoboRealm to my Windows 7 machine, however I have found that if I use the...
11 year 2 1426
Two web servers simultaneously
Hi! I have a problem. I ran two web servers with different port simultaneously. And I want to show both image on t...
7 year 2 1426
Missle Launcher
Hi Steven,     I was wondering. I needed a pan/tilt mechanism on a budget. Some...
12 year 2 1426

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