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error during installing API
hi i am student at cal state university los angeles.. I tried to install api for using roborealm wi...
14 year 2 1350
Image data in memory are exchanged between  VB/VC and RR
I snap  an image from camera into memory and display it on windows  with Visual basic 6.How to make Binariza...
11 year 2 1351
IP camera, How i can change resolution
Hi. I use  ip camera D-Link DCS-2103  resolution is 1280 x 800. In RoboRealm con...
10 year 1 1351
BOE-BOT Enviromental Scan Programming
The robotic platform will be placed dead center of the workspace. Then robot is then required to perform a 360° rotation to scan...
7 year 1 1351
Forum Problem
Why do I get a message saying I can't post?...
10 year 2 1351
Communicating with NXT over USB
Hello, I am reading the NXT module documentation and did not see any mention of communication over...
14 year 2 1351
RoboRealm doesn't detect free disk space
Hi, I'm trying to save my processed images, but the Write_Images module reports a free space of 0Mb...
4 year 3 1352
Just take one picture
Hi everybody, is there a module in RR just to take a picture when needed? I got a checkerboard and...
12 year 2 1352
Largest still image dimensions in RoboRealm
I would like to know the largest still image that RoboRealm can process. Is it 1280x1024?
11 year 4 1352
transfer of licence & Billing methods
Hi again, I would like to buy the Commercial RR license but have a few questions. 1)...
11 year 3 1352
Serial module
The serial module wont remember by serial port. Its the only module loaded. I can select the port from the drop down. remember d...
11 year 4 1352
Lynx 6 with Eclipse
Hello, we are a group of students, working on Lynx 6 robot for the first time on our Faculty. It wo...
10 year 1 1352
Do We have OCR yet?
There is some half way descent Open Source OCR software out there. All we really need is an API or Module or whatever to make it...
12 year 2 1352
Robot Control form Overhead camera
How does one control the path of a robot when the only input is the image from the overhead camera? Once an image is acquired an...
11 year 2 1352
Multiple SRV-1 control over different internet source
Hi, I'm working on a project to control 6 robots, most probably SRV-1, in the same area. The users...
11 year 1 1352
Problem using API (newbie)
I am having a problem using API code given in the samples.(I am using MSVC++).When I compile and execute main.cpp I get the erro...
14 year 3 1352
Processing rr_api
So I am using Processing to write the program that will control my robot, the problem I am having is that in the API zip file th...
10 year 1 1352
Counting copper strips from an image
Hello Everybody, I am new to using Image processing applications. I have this circular part consisting of copper...
13 year 3 1352
SQL_Interface fails INSERT INTO
Dear RR team, I downloaded your trial to check the creation of a smart barrier. The RR part should ...
4 year 3 1352
RoboRealm support in QNX
I am wondering how RoboRealm integrates to an existing application.  We are developping a very specific software in th...
13 year 2 1353

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