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Reading gauges?
Has anybody had success reading analog meters with roborealm? I imagine compensating for fisheye ef...
15 year 2 1409
hi i just want to know that my project is laser control with the help of webcam through MATLAB.Can anyone guide me...
13 year 2 1409
NewPipeline() and the API
Hi, I am building a C# application using the RoboRealm API and have been encountering issues with c...
7 year 2 1410
DLL extension
The DLL swapcolors that comes with RR does not show under the extensions branch. Is there something specific that...
14 year 4 1410
RoboRealm on a PSP
Can you use roborealm on a PSP? Is there a version to go on a PSP?...
14 year 2 1410
Hey, Steven,     I have been using RR on ONE computer. I have installed it seve...
13 year 7 1410
I'm looking for variables
how i can see all the variables created by RR...Variables that are used in capturing image from camera??what  is"new_...
14 year 2 1411
system that follows a real glider performing aerobatics
Hello, totally new to RoboRealm. I found you on ...
12 year 1 1411
Servo Center 3.1 problems with roborealm.
If I have my Servo Center 3.1 turned on and select it in control then Servo Center 3.1 and roborealm crashes. I have to turn off...
15 year 3 1411
Does RR interface with Microsoft Robotics Development Studio? it is up to version 4 now....
11 year 2 1413
MSRS displaying unprocessed image problem
Hi, every time I open the RoboRealm service interface running with MSRS 2008 R2 and select "none" in the example programs I ca...
13 year 2 1413
Car registration plate
HI, Is ther anny way Roborealm can be used for car registration plate regonition and then open garrage door ?
14 year 2 1413
spykee et les logiciels
hello, I commenced in computing (programing) and I have a hard programer software Spykee line fllower site ...
13 year 2 1414
plss sugest me some simple applications so that i can start my venture in machine vision and learn the basics also.....
14 year 2 1414
Problems interfacing a PIC18F2455
Hi im triyn to use a PIC18F2455 IN cdc mode (as a virtual COM port) when i use serial module of rob...
13 year 2 1414
Hi Steve i have couple of issues i'm running my robot using distributor server/client it worked pretty fine the f...
12 year 2 1415
Robotic arm usb
Hi. Has anyone got a working alternative to support this product with the USB interface ? ...
11 year 1 1415
RR Just gets better and better!
Hey, Steve!!     I am very excited about RR having object recognition. &nb...
12 year 2 1415
Integrate Module
hi experts, working with low light conditions i would prefer more control in the integrate module. ...
13 year 1 1416
quad core processing usage
Hi, I am running some image processing using 2 1280 x 960 cameras and needing the full 7.5 frames per second these cameras are o...
13 year 2 1416

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