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Processing rr_api
So I am using Processing to write the program that will control my robot, the problem I am having is that in the API zip file th...
11 year 1 1496
2.5D Analysis
Hello, I was wondering if you had any recommendations for how to detect objects in this scene:
6 year 1 1496
Does RR interface with Microsoft Robotics Development Studio? it is up to version 4 now....
12 year 2 1496
Queue limit exceeded, discarding inbound operation. Operation type: RoboRealm.Pr
I am playing around with the RoboRealm MSRS connection.  I have run into an issue when running the example simulation...
11 year 1 1497
mindstorms nxt controlled by keyboard
Hello. I think there is an error in the Keyboard Intreface. It reacts only to one of keys I have put there (usually the last one...
16 year 2 1497
Hey, Steven,     I have been using RR on ONE computer. I have installed it seve...
13 year 7 1497
For STeven
Hey Steven!!     Well, like I said earlier, the Kinect works on Win7 only. But,...
13 year 1 1497
plss sugest me some simple applications so that i can start my venture in machine vision and learn the basics also.....
14 year 2 1497
Just take one picture
Hi everybody, is there a module in RR just to take a picture when needed? I got a checkerboard and...
13 year 2 1498
Roborealm to drive four arms with 6 DOF
Is it possible to drive two or four linxmotion l6 robot arms set each with webcam on the gripper using roborealm ? If so, what d...
15 year 2 1498
NXT connector wires
Just want to ask... anyone who knows where can i buy NXT or EV3 compatible connector wires/cables with the modified RJ jack here...
9 year 1 1498
spykee et les logiciels
hello, I commenced in computing (programing) and I have a hard programer software Spykee line fllower site ...
14 year 2 1498
Reading gauges?
Has anybody had success reading analog meters with roborealm? I imagine compensating for fisheye ef...
16 year 2 1500
Loading images from a folder for object recognition
I am trying to build an application that loads an image taken from another camera and send it as an input to the object recognit...
13 year 2 1501
I've bought one license of this software. I've installed it to my laptop. Everything operates well. Thx.
11 year 1 1501
Servo Center 3.1 problems with roborealm.
If I have my Servo Center 3.1 turned on and select it in control then Servo Center 3.1 and roborealm crashes. I have to turn off...
16 year 3 1502
Mouse Position
In the mouse module I noticed that it displays the x and y position of the mouse. Is there anyway to access this varialb...
16 year 2 1502
Save picture upon triggering with the If statement
How could I command Roborealm to save the picture upon triggering with the If statement? I am aware of under the loading and sav...
12 year 1 1502
Saving images in roborealm
is there a way to save images within roborealm? i want it to take a picture when the camera idenifies a certain c...
16 year 2 1503
Hi Steve i have couple of issues i'm running my robot using distributor server/client it worked pretty fine the f...
13 year 2 1503

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