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roborealm conversion
Hello all, I'm trying to program the SRV1 Blackfin camera, I see that you can use Roborealm to do...
16 year 2 1503
RoboRealm on a PSP
Can you use roborealm on a PSP? Is there a version to go on a PSP?...
15 year 2 1503
Remote For sale
Hey Guys I am looking to sell this commercial remote It is a brand new robot remote made by Inuktun, It is built i...
12 year 1 1504
serial communication
i want to ask something, why when i transmit data to microcontroller, it's look like have some delay when receive...
15 year 2 1504
Set Variables / Identifiction of similar blobs
hey , first of all i would like to say that Roborealm is an amazing software.thanks !
15 year 2 1504
Navigation with kinect/xtion
Are there any plans to use the kinect or xtion for navigation purposes for instance in the avm-navigator-plugin? ...
10 year 1 1504
error during installing API
hi i am student at cal state university los angeles.. I tried to install api for using roborealm wi...
15 year 2 1504
Robotic arm usb
Hi. Has anyone got a working alternative to support this product with the USB interface ? ...
12 year 1 1505
LineFollowing with SRV-1b
Hi, I am new to both robotic and vision But i am involved in a project where i am using srv-1b for...
15 year 5 1505
hi, thx u those clarifications. can u plz tell me the purpose...
16 year 2 1506
Portal 2 Turret with SFX
Here's a quick little .robo that uses motion detection to provide provides smoothed targeting coordinates complete with Portal...
12 year 1 1506
Higher FPS
I took an i5 machine with a fresh install of Win7Pro Then I loaded RR. 2.76.1 only, and with no cam...
2 year 2 1506
My name is Gordon Dri and I currently operate a robotics startup company that specializes in improving pet owner interactions. A...
10 year 1 1507
Need an image/video processing programmer
I'm not sure if this is the right place to do this, so I apologize in advance if this post is in the wrong place. I was referre...
13 year 1 1507
Does RR support cameralink camera.
Hi,    I wonder if RR can support cameralink camera  now, how it works?
15 year 2 1507
BOE-BOT Enviromental Scan Programming
The robotic platform will be placed dead center of the workspace. Then robot is then required to perform a 360° rotation to scan...
8 year 1 1507
New path planning module
Hi, the new path planning module is looking really good, but i've come across a couple of...
16 year 2 1507
Thought on API
Pre-Script:  DOH, I have been busy reading source code and samples from the API folder and NOT your excellent document...
14 year 2 1508
system that follows a real glider performing aerobatics
Hello, totally new to RoboRealm. I found you on ...
12 year 1 1508
RoboRealm Not Upgrading properly.
RoboRealm Not Upgrading properly. It says on the website version 15, but when you Upgrade, it says 14.
12 year 3 1508

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