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quad core processing usage
Hi, I am running some image processing using 2 1280 x 960 cameras and needing the full 7.5 frames per second these cameras are o...
13 year 2 1412
for Steven
May be a bug. With the latest version of RR, when the program is running and has a robo file loaded and running, if I hit the op...
12 year 4 1413
For STeven
Hey Steven!!     Well, like I said earlier, the Kinect works on Win7 only. But,...
12 year 1 1413
Keeping Track of time?
Hello again, I'm not a very proficient programmer, in any language! huzzah!
15 year 3 1414
RR Just gets better and better!
Hey, Steve!!     I am very excited about RR having object recognition. &nb...
12 year 2 1414
Queue limit exceeded, discarding inbound operation. Operation type: RoboRealm.Pr
I am playing around with the RoboRealm MSRS connection.  I have run into an issue when running the example simulation...
10 year 1 1414
Integrate Module
hi experts, working with low light conditions i would prefer more control in the integrate module. ...
13 year 1 1414
Processing rr_api
So I am using Processing to write the program that will control my robot, the problem I am having is that in the API zip file th...
10 year 1 1415
Shape Matching/Vanishing point
Hi All! I am looking for a way to control a robotic arm to pick up pieces/uniform objects from a ra...
15 year 2 1415
Saving images in roborealm
is there a way to save images within roborealm? i want it to take a picture when the camera idenifies a certain c...
15 year 2 1415
Finding circles in circles
Hi I have an application where I want to locate a circle within another circle, and get the center...
15 year 2 1415
Frame Rate
Just a quick question.  I am running the boe-bot with track color tutorial.  The frame rate shown as...
16 year 2 1415
Roboteq Module?
I was wondering when and if a Roboteq Module will be created? I have read other form posts asking for people to contact Roboteq...
11 year 1 1416
images and database
hi i am currently using RR to process a video and RR is to save some of the relevant images.
15 year 2 1416
My name is Gordon Dri and I currently operate a robotics startup company that specializes in improving pet owner interactions. A...
9 year 1 1416
Mouse Position
In the mouse module I noticed that it displays the x and y position of the mouse. Is there anyway to access this varialb...
15 year 2 1417
serial communication
i want to ask something, why when i transmit data to microcontroller, it's look like have some delay when receive...
14 year 2 1417
Just take one picture
Hi everybody, is there a module in RR just to take a picture when needed? I got a checkerboard and...
12 year 2 1417
Failed to render streams
Hello Steven, I have problem with my roborealm. it shows such error although there is no application...
7 year 2 1417
Set Variables / Identifiction of similar blobs
hey , first of all i would like to say that Roborealm is an amazing software.thanks !
14 year 2 1418

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