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IP camera, How i can change resolution
Hi. I use  ip camera D-Link DCS-2103  resolution is 1280 x 800. In RoboRealm con...
10 year 1 1433
How many IP cameras per session?
Hello. How many IP cameras can operate at once in one session of RR ?. I would like...
15 year 2 1433
RoboRealm WebServer and Labview
Hi, I am new to RoboRealm, and was wondering if it is possible to use the WebSever to export variab...
11 year 5 1433
Industrial Robot Serial Communication
Hello Steven, First of all, thank you for such a great piece of software. At our college we have a small industria...
9 year 1 1434
IIT Kharagpur Robotics Fest
Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2013, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 1 – 4 Febr...
10 year 1 1434
Object detection and timing
I am looking at possible options for using roborealm to be installed on a stationary system attached to a camera, with the purpo...
9 year 1 1434
Guppy grader
I am willing to offer 20,000 us for the solution ...
11 year 2 1434
Image data in memory are exchanged between  VB/VC and RR
I snap  an image from camera into memory and display it on windows  with Visual basic 6.How to make Binariza...
12 year 2 1434
I got a great idea
How about using ad-banners on your site to make money, and use an AdFly link for the roborealm download link (it pays the link p...
11 year 3 1434
RR Screen is Black
hi, I use RR on my laptop (OS: XP SP3) with vista he has worked normaly jet i upgrad...
14 year 2 1434
Population threshold
Hi, I'm interest Population threshold feature, but I can't found relative paper, anybody can recommand some paper about the th...
15 year 2 1434
Suggestion 4-U
I think there is a new board out there that you would be wise to have support for. It is made in Canada and is called the EZ-B c...
12 year 1 1434
Hi all, Has anyone made a script for the "Executive Mayhem USB Missile Launcher" I am trying to un...
12 year 4 1434
Largest still image dimensions in RoboRealm
I would like to know the largest still image that RoboRealm can process. Is it 1280x1024?
11 year 4 1434
Hello, I've been working with the BoeBot for some time and would be interested in the wireless camera mod. I've read about the...
12 year 3 1435
RoboRealm Startup
Hey guys, running into another brick wall I can't see to figure out. I've got RoboRealm set to run on windows loading, however...
12 year 4 1435
Genius ilook 300 webcam not working with roborealm
Hi everyone, I recently bought a genius ilook 300 webcam to use for a robotics project with roborea...
10 year 2 1435
How to detect light?
Hi everyone. I'm new on roborealm software and for a I project I need to detect the light emission. Do you know how to do that...
11 year 6 1435
Motion Detection Automatic Foscam
I recently bought a Foscam FI8918W. I would like to know if its possible to have the camera detection motion and make it move by...
10 year 1 1435
Parts recognition and output
I have a project but do know where to start. 1. I need camera to recognize the parts ( about 4 to 1...
11 year 2 1435

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