Interfacing RoboRealm to a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS
David Ackley from United States  [4 posts]
12 year
I have a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS that I'd like to interface to RoboRealm.

This camera and many other older Canon PowerShot cameras support PC remote shooting using the "Canon Utility" program. This program provides a PC Viewfinder display and full camera control. Canon also provides an SDK for interfacing to this and many of its other older PowerShot cameras.

Has anyone out there interfaced RoboRealm to one of these older Canon PowerShot cameras? If so, I'd appreciate their help getting my PowerShot SX100 IS working with RoboRealm.
Anonymous 12 year

We'll have a look if we can pick up a cheap canon camera that we can use to test the interface. If anyone reading this has access to an old one let us know!

David Ackley from United States  [4 posts] 12 year
Hi Steven

Thanks for your interest in interfacing RoboRealm to a Canon camera.

I got my PowerShot SX100 IS that has a 10x optical zoom and uses Canon's PS-ReC SDK 1.1.0e from ebay for about $100 plus S&H. Canon PowerShot cameras that use the same Canon SDK are the A620, A640, S3 IS, S5 IS, S80, SX100, SX110, G7, G9, and G10. I got the PowerShot SX100 IS because it was the least expensive with the most optical zoom. For interface testing it looks like the PowerShot S80 which has a 3.6x optical zoom is the least expensive at about $72 on ebay.


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