NEWSFLASH for STEVEN!!!! Update from MEL!!!
13 year
Dear Steven,

     I have worked Tediously All weekend trying to do experiments on RR and Kinect.  Here are my findings:

XP Home Edition (Don't even try it!)
XP Pro Edition (Don't even try it!)
XP MediaCenter Edition (Don't even try it!)
Windows7  (worked EVERY SINGLE TIME)
   (But, sometimes skipped and freeze framed.)

I am not blaming you.  I have a QuadCore9300 cpu and 4 gigs of ram. It MUST be my setup.

I don't know if my Leaf will run on windows7 or Not, so I have to just wait and see. But as far as XP goes, it works for some people, but not with my particualr Kinect which Is the second one I brought back to Walmart and exchanged.

I want to thank you for your timeless efforts and hope that you have a Great holiday season.  I will follow the forum in case something happens to change the xp thingy. If not, I will try to get Leaf to work on Windows7.

Wish me luck,


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