Counting copper strips from an image
Visvanathan from India  [2 posts]
14 year
Hello Everybody, I am new to using Image processing applications.
I have this circular part consisting of copper and mica strips arranged alternately. I was looking for the 'count' function in Roborealm for counting the number of copper strips after somehow thresholding it...
It will be great if there is a 'count features' function output in this software.
Here is an image of the part consisting of the copper and mica strips.

Anonymous 14 year

The count feature is one of the most basic features and is done by quite a few modules as a matter of fact of what they currently do. For example, you can use the Blob label to count the number of detected blobs in the image. The trick is to first detect these blobs BEFORE counting them. Given your image you will need to instead use this kind of image

where the view is from the top instead of the side. Lighting in machine vision is VERY important!! So you need the part illuminated evenly.

Included below is the robofile used to count the number of copper strips in the provided image which should give you a head start.


Visvanathan from India  [2 posts] 14 year
Thanks Steve. This is a great start. Only thing different is that the copper strips are only about 1/10th of an inch in this case like in below picture. I will contact you in case I face any issues.


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