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Do We have OCR yet?
There is some half way descent Open Source OCR software out there. All we really need is an API or Module or whatever to make it...
12 year 2 1418
Pose Reconstruction
Dear Sir, I am doing a project in VC++. I have a sequence of images which are scanned from video ta...
12 year 2 1418
Radial Distortion Coefficient input question
What are the P0 and SCALE variables for? (I understand what the other variables do.) both values are 1000 by default. what do th...
13 year 2 1418
control two orbit sphere camera
Hello, I run two camera in two separated instances but when I control the orbit sphere camera, I can control only...
15 year 3 1418
Autonymous Navigation
You guys are SO close to Autonymous Navigation in a changing situation.  I know that this is a hard thing to do. But,...
11 year 1 1418
MSRS / MSRDS 2008: Excessive UpdateFrame Messages in GetVariableExample!
We are using RoboRealm with a firewire Basler a602f camera (running at around 100fps in RoboRealm) on WinXP Pro for a University...
14 year 2 1419
RR crashes constantly
RR constantly crashes when I press the "New" button for a new program. It does this regardless if I have a program running or...
14 year 2 1419
Ignoring / Coloring Part of an Image
I'm tracking a ball through a maze (brio labyrinth board game) and want to ignore certain parts of the board (circular holes) t...
14 year 2 1419
LineFollowing with SRV-1b
Hi, I am new to both robotic and vision But i am involved in a project where i am using srv-1b for...
14 year 5 1419
mosaicking or image stiching
it is possible for roborealm to combine or to stiching a group of random images to become 1 images.thanks...
14 year 2 1420
Roborealm API
Hi,I have tried running the roborealm API C++ example in DevCPP but I was getting liker errors.Not able to solve it.Please sugge...
15 year 3 1420
EB500 Keeps blinking
15 year 7 1420
input from camera
Hi, Is there a way to take input from the camera (via robotrealm) and perse it to my java program r...
13 year 3 1420
Thought on API
Pre-Script:  DOH, I have been busy reading source code and samples from the API folder and NOT your excellent document...
13 year 2 1420
Getting Started
Hi, I'm wondering if you can help me get a handle on the 'roborealm' software. I just want to know how to make it work - how...
13 year 2 1420
Obstacle avoidance (help)
Hello Mr. Steven I have prepared a new robo file so that i can use it to do obstacle avoidance for my mini robot....
11 year 5 1420
multiple versions on different computers
Hi Can I download and activate multiple copies of RR demo on different computers from the same IP a...
12 year 2 1421
How to Link Roborealm to VB.NET
Hello all, I want to use the data from RoboRealm in my application made using VB.NET. I want the co...
11 year 2 1421
hi, thx u those clarifications. can u plz tell me the purpose...
15 year 2 1421
Rapidly getting variables
I am rapidly getting variables from Roborealm into a visual c++ program would it be ok to use the getvariables function on its o...
15 year 2 1421

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