Free grandfathering into new roborealm?
12 year
I know customers of the payed version get free updates to any later version, but if I'm a previous "customer" (read as user) of the free version, do I get to upgrade to the payed version for free?

What I'm asking is, is the payment only needed if I'm a brand new user? Or do I still need to pay for the new version of the software even if I'm a user of the previous free version?
Anonymous 12 year

Paid customers get a year of upgrades (it is not indefinite) from date of purchase.

We do have an upgrade for previous paid users for another year of upgrades at a reduced price.

We do NOT have a upgrade from the free version to the paid version as anyone can download the free version (that was 2+ years ago) for free ...

As the real reason for your question is how to get RoboRealm for free, we can extend the offer we had going for years which NOONE took advantage of which was to create a unique (i.e. not already existing) tutorial video/slideshow/etc. using RoboRealm and post it on YouTube, Instructables,etc. and we'll donate a free copy of the current license (with a year of free upgrades too!).

You'll have to contact us using the contact form with your proposed topic to ensure that it is appropriate.

Again, noone took advantage of this and we removed it from the site due to lack of response.

And, of course, you are welcome to continue using the free copy.

Anonymous 12 year
I believe I have a free version that is not the last available free version, but one that's several versions before that. I've found no other place online to download the last available free version. Do you still have a copy you could send me in an email attachment?
Anonymous 12 year
If you do have a copy you can send it to my email address videogamer555@gmail.com

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