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Can Roborealm now use multi core processors?  We need to run multi-instances and multi cameras per instance. We will b...
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Hi STeven I've tried to ask this before, but still don't understand the answer.............
11 months 2 416
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I've tried to call other objects recognition in section 2 by passing Cscript but It's also returned to call  object re...
1 year 2 449
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I have tried to call Add Object Button in object Recognition by passing Cscript  but Camera not on ...
11 months 4 463
OCR new font
How to add new character/font to the OCR module...
1 year 1 517
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Hello http://registration.roborealm.com page is st...
1 year 2 522
license recovery
I had RR installed on a Win10 machine, that no longer boots. The drive is accessible if put in another machine as D:\  ...
1 year 2 761
Detecting "empty" page
Can you point me into right direction how to detect if an image of a paper (scan) is empty or not. Algorithm does not need to ha...
1 year 2 859
Camera only takes first frame
I select the camera from the options, and it takes the first immediate frame, but then it won't update as a live video and not t...
2 year 2 902
RoboRealm resolution
Hi! I have a question related to the resolution of the camera, I noticed that when I use 640x480...
2 year 2 1004
OCR resoult
Hello, i have been trying to compare two codes for a match using and OCR. Is there a way to split the OCR result variable for ea...
2 year 3 1006
Problems with Calculate_Distance and If_Statement
I am surprised that I'm having difficulty with what seem to be very simple modules.  The problems are with the Calcula...
2 year 2 1154
VBscript module
Hi Roborealm Support, Inside my roborealm flow vision, I have added a vbscript program.
2 year 4 1176
Basler USB3 camera setup
I am struggling to setup Basler ACA2440-35UC camera with roborealm. Any help?...
2 year 3 1427
Hi Steven Are more fonts supported since 2.76.1 ? I see : Apr 04, 201...
2 year 2 1457
Its sort of inerfacing... my listen function won't work. when i try to use it, it says "Listen Module failed at CreateRecoCont...
14 year 2 1462
RoboRealm Image Stream Applet
I was playing with your RoboRealm.class file from the index.html page and I want to break it up into multiple components so that...
15 year 2 1466
Hey, Steven.     I had RR installed on two systems. A fast system and a robot....
13 year 2 1468
I have RR installed on one computer.  I am trying to install it on a RoBoard, but my trial subscription is up. &n...
13 year 2 1468
2.5D Analysis
Hello, I was wondering if you had any recommendations for how to detect objects in this scene:
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