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Bart?omiej Siewierski from Poland  [1 posts]
2 year

I have a question related to the resolution of the camera, I noticed that when I use 640x480 it works very well but if in Camera Properties I change the resolution to 800x600 the errors shown in the attachments are generated.

Do you know how to solve these problems and what do they result from?

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 2 year
Yes, it appears that your camera is wanting to use the mjpg image format when sending the higher resolution image (which makes sense since its requires more data). The lower resolution format is probably one that we support natively which is why it is ok with that.

In order to correct this error you need to download the "mjpg" or "moving jpeg" decoder driver. You can do so using


and if that doesn't work you can also try


Note, these may only install the 32 bit drivers so you may want to switch to the 32 bit of RR.

If you are using the 64 bit, you may have to go to the actual site (these links are old copies) to download the 64 bit version of these drivers. See


Normally these drivers are available natively in Windows but it may be that you have a different version of Windows where these drivers were not installed.

Bart?omiej Siewierski from Poland  [1 posts] 2 year
Hi thanks for the answer.

However, it still crashes the same errors after installation. I am sending the logs where the last of them (08:50:43) are right when this error pops up.

Could you please tell me which RoboRealm natively supports resolutions?

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