Shape Matching/Vanishing point
15 year
Hi All!

I am looking for a way to control a robotic arm to pick up pieces/uniform objects from a random pile. For example to have the arm sort a pile of matches from table to a box with all striking ends the same way.

I think the vanishing point could be used to determine the depth/ distance from camera if we compare two sample pictures taken from different,  measured distances of the camera.

Has anyone experimented with this kind of solution?

I'd appreciate all pointers since my skills in programming are very weak to say the best.

Anonymous 15 year

I doubt that the vanishing point would be useful in this situation. Bin picking is quite tricky. Ideally you would use a form of shape matching to try to identify the top most part (i.e. a non-occluded part) and target that.

Perhaps you could include an example picture of what the robot would see and have to work with. That will give us a better idea of what to recommend.


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