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RR crashes constantly
RR constantly crashes when I press the "New" button for a new program. It does this regardless if I have a program running or...
14 year 2 1424
Rapidly getting variables
I am rapidly getting variables from Roborealm into a visual c++ program would it be ok to use the getvariables function on its o...
15 year 2 1424
BOE-BOT Enviromental Scan Programming
The robotic platform will be placed dead center of the workspace. Then robot is then required to perform a 360° rotation to scan...
7 year 1 1424
Image Pause
Hi STeven, I'm working on an inspection program that receives a trigger over a serial port, perfor...
9 year 2 1424
RoboRealm Closing After Opening Options Menu
When I open the options menu, and click ok at the bottom of the window then entire RoboRealm program closes.  I do not...
11 year 2 1424
Feature extraction using a laser measurement system
Hi all, I have currently a project running and my task is to detect chairs and tables using only a...
11 year 1 1424
Read Variables Problem
I am trying to get rid of a bunch of Set_Variable modules with a Read_Variables module. It am usin...
14 year 5 1424
Looking for someone to help build a simple robotics parts model. Know very little about process, but do have an idea of parts ne...
10 year 1 1424
multiple versions on different computers
Hi Can I download and activate multiple copies of RR demo on different computers from the same IP a...
12 year 2 1424
input from camera
Hi, Is there a way to take input from the camera (via robotrealm) and perse it to my java program r...
13 year 3 1425
Off road planning
Can i get the pipeline robo file of Off-Road planning?...
11 year 4 1425
Portal 2 Turret with SFX
Here's a quick little .robo that uses motion detection to provide provides smoothed targeting coordinates complete with Portal...
11 year 1 1425
NXT connector wires
Just want to ask... anyone who knows where can i buy NXT or EV3 compatible connector wires/cables with the modified RJ jack here...
8 year 1 1425
Need an image/video processing programmer
I'm not sure if this is the right place to do this, so I apologize in advance if this post is in the wrong place. I was referre...
12 year 1 1425
How to Link Roborealm to VB.NET
Hello all, I want to use the data from RoboRealm in my application made using VB.NET. I want the co...
11 year 2 1425
Navigation with kinect/xtion
Are there any plans to use the kinect or xtion for navigation purposes for instance in the avm-navigator-plugin? ...
9 year 1 1425
Free grandfathering into new roborealm?
I know customers of the payed version get free updates to any later version, but if I'm a previous "customer" (read as user)...
11 year 4 1426
Missle Launcher
Hi Steven,     I was wondering. I needed a pan/tilt mechanism on a budget. Some...
12 year 2 1426
RoboRealm support in QNX
I am wondering how RoboRealm integrates to an existing application.  We are developping a very specific software in th...
13 year 2 1426
I've bought one license of this software. I've installed it to my laptop. Everything operates well. Thx.
11 year 1 1426

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