Largest still image dimensions in RoboRealm
Blair from Canada  [2 posts]
12 year
I would like to know the largest still image that RoboRealm can process.

Is it 1280x1024?

I have searched, but I can't find an answer.

My application is to use RoboRealm for it's still image processing capabilities on still images as large as 4000x3000 pixels, but I could live with 1920x1080.

Please let me know
Anonymous 12 year
The current max size is 6400x4800 (yes, that's thousands). You should be ok.


Blair from Canada  [2 posts] 12 year

That's huge!

I just finished buying RoboRealm online as it obviously can process the image sizes I want.

Thanks STeven
Anonymous 12 year

No problem. Let me know if you notice any thing strange going on. While the image size can support up to that resolution you may max out some of the other detections. I.e. most of the blob routines are limited in the number of blobs that can be detected. So watch out for that and try to eliminate parts of the image ASAP to avoid that problem. If you are not sure, just post them here and we can take a look.


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