New path planning module
16 year

the new path planning module is looking really good, but i've come across a couple of problems. First of all, when using the sample_line as the waypoints, there seems to be an extra point that comes up at a point (0, y) (always on the left hand side of the screen) where y is the y co-ordinate where it starts. This point is always the last one to be visited. Every so often it didn't come up, and the robot went on to do the whole task and finish on the finish point, but most of the time this extra point keeps on coming up.

Secondly, using 2 path planning modules, with the greedy path and the same sample_line points as the waypoints we get a Debug error. I was wondering whether you have tried this at all?

Apart from these the module has been great!


Nick & Dan
Anonymous 16 year

The Sample_Line module was adding a -1,-1 when a new line/object would begin. We added a checkbox to the Sample_Line module to prevent this from being added or alternatively you could add a Blob_Size filter and ensure that only the largest object is in the image when the Sample_Line module runs. The occasional weird point was most likely caused by a single pixel object sometimes appearing in the image and causing the end of object -1,-1 to appear in the sample_line array. Either way the new checkbox is in


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