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How do I track pixel movement
How do I track the movement of pixels on a LCD screen while they are being activated and deactivated. I want to tr...
11 year 2 1426
Missle Launcher
Hi Steven,     I was wondering. I needed a pan/tilt mechanism on a budget. Some...
12 year 2 1426
Robots' Intellect 2012
Dear colleagues, We are writing you on behalf of Student Science Association of Kaunas University o...
11 year 1 1426
Only one instance of Serial Module can receive?
I'm testing roborealm using unregistered version using the serial module to communicate with HMR (home made robot) on PC with X...
11 year 2 1426
Two web servers simultaneously
Hi! I have a problem. I ran two web servers with different port simultaneously. And I want to show both image on t...
7 year 2 1426
Re-defining co-oridinate axes
Hi Everyone, I would like to re-define the co-ordinate axes on the roborealm image as shown in the...
10 year 1 1426
Communicating with NXT over USB
Hello, I am reading the NXT module documentation and did not see any mention of communication over...
15 year 2 1426
Roborealm and Builder Cpp
Hello!!! Please help a noobie-kid from Russia! I whant to connect your wounderfull program Roborealm and Borland С++ Build...
14 year 2 1426
New path planning module
Hi, the new path planning module is looking really good, but i've come across a couple of...
15 year 2 1426
object blob
hi im jan from philippines, i would like to ask if how a self organizing map use in identifying an object blob? because we are t...
12 year 2 1427
USB Camera live video crash
When trying to press Camera button again to show live video in options,  the roborealm crashes.
11 year 3 1427
Rovio on RoboRealm
I just got a Rovio in college and have gotten it working. Now I want to get RoboRealm working with it. I have read through the b...
14 year 2 1427
Robot Control form Overhead camera
How does one control the path of a robot when the only input is the image from the overhead camera? Once an image is acquired an...
12 year 2 1427
im new to vision robotics plz help me in making a ball follower with atmega32
hi im new with vision robotics but very much familiar with mcu projects,i find robo realm using some kit modules,i want to do a...
13 year 5 1427
my favorite roborealm
I'm new to roborealm but its awesome and i'm more impressed the way it helps me in my project than opencv etc. But i'm having...
12 year 2 1428
Lost plugins on upgrade
It may just be me. But, when I upgraded to 2.36.2, I lost my nav plugins and also, my object recognition doesn't work anymore....
12 year 4 1428
Problem with pan/tilt control of creative live!
I am trying to control the Creative Live! Motion camera through the RoboRealm pan/tilt control (Control>Cameras>Creative_L...
14 year 2 1428
How to use Moment Statistics
I was wondering what Moment Statistics would be used for and how to segment images to create individual blobs.
10 year 2 1428
Counting copper strips from an image
Hello Everybody, I am new to using Image processing applications. I have this circular part consisting of copper...
14 year 3 1428
Hello, I´m new at this. Is there any way to let roborealm press keys? I m using the 2nd example on t...
15 year 5 1428

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