How to Link Roborealm to VB.NET
CK Guy from United States  [1 posts]
11 year
Hello all,

I want to use the data from RoboRealm in my application made using VB.NET. I want the co-ordinates of the object captured by RoboRealm using Object recognition. The co-ordinates need to be passed on to my VB.NET application so that I can do further calculations. Is there any standard routine or scripting for the values to be sent out to a variable or maybe an API which can be integrated into VB.NET ?

Thanks in advance,
CK Guy.
Anonymous 11 year
Yes, check the API link under Documentation main menu link here in the website.

The first link in the API page is a download for example applications. VB.Net is one of them.

Note that you are looking for the GetVariable routine to get this information from RR. The OR and AVM modules produce variables that indicate object names, coordinates, etc. Use the Watch Variables module to see what variables those are.


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