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13 year
hello, i want to ask,
is it right way to do the open function of RR

rr.open("c:\\Program File\\RoboRealm\\RoboRealm.exe",6060);

i store my file at c->program file->roborealm->roboreaml.exe

it cannot be open.
Anonymous 13 year

Try using quotes around the open command. We have fixed this  issue in the latest version of the API. So you can either download it again or changes your line to

rr.open("\"c:\\Program File\\RoboRealm\\RoboRealm.exe\"",6060);

i.e. just add a backslash and quote around the full path.

Alternatively you could use the old dos way to specify


Anonymous  [29 posts] 13 year
cannot use it...it will appear more and more error. i also download the latest API
but the example is same as before.
Anonymous 13 year
Perhaps you could provide us with more information? Perhaps you could zip up your project and post it here?

Otherwise it is hard to know what is going wrong ...


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