Rapidly getting variables
15 year
I am rapidly getting variables from Roborealm into a visual c++ program would it be ok to use the getvariables function on its own in a timer that is set to run repeatedly very quickly? Do i need to use some sort of wait function, is Roborealm capables of sending variables rapidly to another program (visual c++)?
Anonymous 15 year
Yes, RR is very capable of sending variables very rapidly to other programs, but your camera will probably not be going faster than 30 fps so the variable transmission need not be much faster than that (which is quite slow in the world of Gigahertz computers).

Instead, you might want to check out the WaitVariable API call which will stall until the variable has changed. In this way your application can keep calling that API routine and be sure that when it returns the value of that variable is now different ... a much more optimal technique rather than polling rapidly.


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