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Frank Steinke from Australia  [3 posts]
14 year

As a complete newbie to RoboRealm I'm trying a out a few simple things in the image processing area of static (file) images, and after a great start, am now finding the program's behaviour very erratic and unstable. The version is on XP, SP2.

Various behaviours: frequent crashing, refusing to run a module unless program restarted (fill 0), spurious artifacts on the edge of a simple .gif which vary depending on zoom; most serious seems to be an inability to handle B&W images with lots of 1 pixel lines. The image I've been playing with is http:sound.westhost.com/p117-f1.gif, an electronics schematic, and a guaranteed way to crash the program is to attempt a Grassfire Erode on the .gif.

At the moment I am rapidly losing confidence in the program, so hope some light can be shed on my situation ...

Thanks for listening,
Frank Steinke from Australia  [3 posts] 14 year
Thanks very much for responding so fast to the Grassfire bug, Ver. has sorted that out, and appears so far to have resolved the fill 0 peculiarity. Sorry to have come over as a bit tetchy, but when dealing with new software there's typically an enthusiasm-disappointment-resignation/acceptance cycle that one goes through, and I posted at the trough unfortunately!

I will say, as many others have, that overall I am very impressed with the capability and comprehensiveness of RoboRealm, and am keen again to explore its possibilities.

Having said that, unfortunately the zoom artifacts still occur. Image is Binary_logo.gif, from RoboRealm's own help pages, the "RoboRealm" label used for demonstrating many of the modules. Zooming from higher values to 100% excites numerous "noise" artifacts on the edge of the image, which are different each time you do it.

Also, in the Grassfire module (and perhaps other modules?) there is inconsistency in the interface: typing in a value does not immediately activate the module, unlike say the Convolution Filter. Adding a spinner control like in the Bilateral module would also be very helpful in evaluating its behaviour.

Finally, a minor annoyance is when deleting the current value of a module parameter using the Backspace or Delete key: RoboRealm immediately complains with an empty error message, without waiting to see if the user will type in a replacement charater.

OK, enough complaining for now! Thanks again for a great program, and hopefully my comments will be useful ...

Anonymous 14 year

The latest version has the zooming issue fixed. The grassfire module has been also updated to change the image when a value changes. A spinner to both values was added and it now allows an empty value without the nasty popup. All other interfaces will slowly be also adapted in this way too but that will take some time.

Thanks again for your great emails!


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