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Michael Johnson from United Kingdom  [1 posts]
14 year
Dear all of RR mods/all of public,

Look RR we cant pay that money think about it $89! you creat the program once then it just gets copied,copied,copied and you dont have to do any thing i bet youve already made (sorry to swear) $25,000 off all fuking arses. look at me im 12 years old for god sake i just use RR to make my spykee go round the house with the line following module and also so i can keep an eye on my dog with my logitek orbit on the celing this really isant on

now RR her's the challinge. Tell me why We (everybody that uses RR) shouldent go and use someone elses software you nevr know they may be better then you !!!

Bottom Line-RR should be free (at least for non-comercial use !) okay maby not toattly free but no more than $10 because We (everybody that uses RR) can pay that

Hope someone will read this and RR might actully take into account what ive said And I Think I Speak For Everyone!!!

PS 15966 please send me that FREE COPY OF ROBO REALM to me my personl mail is bartjabert@hotmail.co.uk

Sincerly Michael Johnson
Anonymous 14 year

First of all, I wish I had your robotics talent when I was 12 years old!  I don't speak for the folks at RoboRealm, and I realize everyone has a different idea of what software should cost, but to me $89 is the bargain of the century. LabView's vision package (including the base package) is well over $4,000.  Yes, LabView it is a more comprehensive system but it is also more complex and WAY more money.  

From the sounds of your setup, you have spent much more than $89 on your hardware.  So for about the same price as three sonar sensors you can get RoboRealm and be up an running in five minutes, watching the effects of different vision filters in real time, not to mention all the built-in interfaces for multiple robots.  RoboRealm has so many more capabilities than simply controlling your Spykee.

In the meantime, perhaps you would like to get involved with the Spykee community to program your own interface to the robot.  As you might already know, they are at http://www.spykee-robot.com/index.html.  Also, if you can find a way to trade your Spykee for a Wowee Rovio, Wowee has a free SDK that you can use to control the robot with your own program.  The same is true of Lego Mindstorms, iRobot's Create, the Robotics Connections Traxster, etc.  In fact, you have one of the only robots that doesn't appear to currently come with an SDK!  The fact that RoboRealm has such an interface makes it even more valuable.

My hat is off to STeven and his team for such a great product.  I can't even imagine the thousands and thousands of hours they have spent developing the code.  I was happy to pay the $89 and I wish them all the success in the world.

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