Lost plugins on upgrade
13 year
It may just be me. But, when I upgraded to 2.36.2, I lost my nav plugins and also, my object recognition doesn't work anymore. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Or, maybe there is a problem. If there is a problem, I am sure you wanted to know.
Anonymous 13 year
OK, after I restarted the program, I got the plugins back. But, the old object recognition data was lost.  I think.

Well, I just checked and the objects are still in their folders. Maybe I just need to work with it more.

Sorry about the confusion.

Anonymous 13 year
OK, it was just me and my STUPID lighting conditions had changed. There was less light and the tint on the background was changed.

It seems like if we were to put a chroma-key situation when we train or at least separate the foreground from the background this would help a tremendous amount because then we simply check for shape and then colors and the other stuff later.

hope that this helps.

Anonymous 13 year
Yes, that would be ideal. At least when training objects be sure to use the square in the Add Object interface to JUST specify the object with as little background as possible. If you get too much of the background then it will have issues in recognition.

Unfortunately if your object is not very square this can cause issue ...  then its best to use the largest inner square that you can create within the object.

Note this goes the same for if you are just adding images to the training folder.


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