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there is a project that i should finish in 5 months...
we put a webcam in the room.. vertically... and in the scene (what the webcam sees), we put the robot that has a link to a computer that is connected to the webcam and using roborealm and the visual programming language programs, the robot should follow the red balls that we throw into the scene and push them out of the scene, and in the same time he shouldnt do anything to the blue balls. we can use visual basic if we want to.
i thought that i would isolate the red balls from the rest of the scene by the RGB filter and using the COG follow it, somehow it shoudl tell the other programs where it is and to tell the robot to push it aside.
i hope you would help me do it, or give me some advice

thanks a lot
Anonymous 15 year

A great way to get started with this is to create a mock environment that demonstrates what the image from the overhead camera would look like. From there I'd grab a static image and use that for experimentation. For example, the first part would be to identify where the robot actually is. Do you plan to color the robots green? Or have some sort of symbol ontop of the robot? Or do you plan to just assume something this is not black (the assumed background), not red and not blue is one of the robots? How will you know which direction the robot is facing? Are you able to segment the red and blue balls correctly and reliably? Lots of these questions can be answered by playing with such an image.

Be sure to see our path planning tutorial at


for some ideas on a similar arrangement.


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