point location with two cameras
15 year
Hi Steven,
I have a small problem whereby I am using point location on an image from camera 1.This works fine until I put a second camera into the pipeline whereby the points setup for camera 1 are still active.If I go back through the pipeline the points do not then display correctly on the first camera either(until i disable the second camera again).Is there a way to islolate the points to one particular camera/image?.
P.S. Hope you and you team have a great New Year and keep up the brilliant work!

Anonymous 15 year

We've updated the point location module to include a checkbox seen in other modules. It is the display as annotation. In the default current case the point is displayed after all processing has occured in order to prevent the dot from becoming part of the image ... in your case you don't want this. Ensure that the checkbox is unselected and this should solve your dual camera issue. Note that the point will then become part of the actual graphic ... so some other side effects might occur.

See v for the update.

Happy new year too!!


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