RoboRealm Image Stream Applet
15 year
I was playing with your RoboRealm.class file from the index.html page and I want to break it up into multiple components so that I can reuse the streaming within a Java App rather than an Applet.  Also plan on including a sample Applet and sample Application to demonstrate using the classes.

A. Can I reuse your code?
B. Do you have a comment header for the .java files so I can add your credits?
C. Would you like a copy of the completed set of classes in a .jar file?
Anonymous 15 year

A. Sure ... its quite basic. For the most recent source for the applet check out


Note that it is a basic mjpeg decompression applet.

B. Included in the .java file.

C. Not so much but if you could post a link as to what you have used it for we'd appreciate that as others might be interested!


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