Will Robo Realm work for this?
Krysta from United States  [2 posts]
11 year
Will robo realm transfer 3d movement of a model to the servos of "real" robot through video. Everything I have seen so far looks to be 2d movement....

Anonymous 11 year

That will depend on what you are using to record the movements. RR itself can control and perhaps read position information from some servos but you are probably better off with an application that specializes in recording and playing back servo movements ... also know as a servo sequencing program. The 3d or 2d nature doesn't have much to do with this as a single servo can be thought of as a 1d device and 3 as a 3d device ...  but that's a somewhat strange way to think about servos. What you are looking for is a sequencing application that has at least 3 servo channels ... typically these types of applications will get up into the 100's!


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