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Ryan from United States  [3 posts]
9 year
Hi STeven,

I'm working on an inspection program that receives a trigger over a serial port, performs evaluation, display a "pass fail" indication, and sends a pass fail variable back over the serial port. Ideally for the right feel for the operator the "pass fail" screen would pause for a couple seconds.

I've tried using the timer module without success and I also tried using sleep() in a vbscript module but that seemed to pause the image on the frame before the evaluation which is strange considering where it is in the pipeline.

Any help would be appreciated.

Anonymous 9 year
I figured out how to accomplish my goal.

Basically at the end of the inspection I use the write clipboard module.
Then a vbscript that creates a new timed variable "pause" like so;

SetVariable "pause", 1
SetTimedVariable "pause", 0, 2000

Then outside of the inspection statement, a new if statement module, if pause =1
read clipboard module

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