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Roborealm viewing on pocketpc
Hello, Nice application and it works good. Only one question: i want to view the camera on my treo 750v thru 3g bu...
15 year 2 1441
Here is a tutorial on using the USB_UIRT with roborealm
I have been using the USB_UIRT in roborealm for a couple of projects.  (Including a color tracking blimp)  ...
14 year 2 1441
Problem with Line corner module
Hi all, I hope you can help me, I want to call Line corner module from C++ and I will use execute command but I dont know the na...
15 year 2 1441
utilisation roborealm avec interface polulu (servo pan hilt)
bonjour il y a t'il des francophones qui utilisent Roborealm ? je souhaiterai l'utilisé pour un...
12 year 1 1442
Passing a speech variable to Spykee
I'm not sure if this is already possible, but I suspect not. I would like to be able to use the "Speak" module to pass a spee...
11 year 1 1442
is there any limitation
iam new to robotics and robobrelam ..iam intrested in making a robot that implement path palnning  and obstacle avoida...
10 year 2 1442
Freezing a frame for AVI Readback
I can play back a recorded AVI file.  How can I stop the playback to debug parts that my modules do not handle as desi...
10 year 2 1442
interface with vb6
> could roborealm interface with vb6/vb.net? > currently i'm doing pattern recognition using roborealm and...
15 year 2 1442
From RoboRealm to C++ program
I am very very new to using RoboRealm. I have been working with a group on a project for visually impaired users. We are buildin...
13 year 2 1443
More for Steven
I have many computers. I do my best to uninstall before I reinstall. I am trying to get RR to work on my roomba now. I just got...
12 year 2 1443
Image Match Module Crashes
I load the Image_Match module. After "training", the module crashes the application without fail. I have tried many different...
14 year 3 1443
Computer robot
Any one know what parts from a dvd player and computer can be used for a robot please respond asap...
13 year 2 1443
Drawing a heat map
I need help. I'm trying to take temperature readings and generate a sort of heat map. Something like this:
9 year 3 1443
finding heighest white pixel on each x pixel column
Hi all, I've failed to figure this one out! What I am wanting to do i...
12 year 2 1443
calculate distance
hi steven i am a new user for roborealm , i am working on military robot and use roborealm as a vision system and...
11 year 2 1443
Joystick variables over distributor server/client
I am using the distributor server/client modules to control my robot (a converted wheelchair).  I have a laptop on the...
10 year 3 1443
Water Motion
Hello, this is my first view here. I just want to ask if somebody know how to detect a water motion here? This might be the prob...
9 year 2 1443
crashes after double clicking "Lynxmotion_SSC" module
i, i have downloaded roborealm and searched the modules for ssc, when i double click the "Lynxmotion_SSC" module the p...
14 year 2 1444
I am attempting to use the Phidgets 8/8/8 I/O board to control several analogue input variables in RR.  When I start t...
11 year 3 1444
Random Disconnects with Distributor Client
Hello, I have an old Roborealm code that worked correctly on Roborealm version 2.61....
9 year 2 1445

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