Problem with Connect_Points
JayWozz from United States  [2 posts]
15 year
Using version, connect_points worked fine.  Now using it somewhat works when I first open RoboRealm and add it, but after I change a value it either doesn't work or just doesn't work right (connects points it shouldn't).  I have attached the results of a connect_points max dist. 50 for both the old version (lots of lines) and for the new version (red dots, one line).  Any help will be appreciated.

JayWozz from United States  [2 posts] 15 year
Sorry this is the correct second picture (new version) from my previous post... the wrong image.
Anonymous 15 year

We were making updates to that module as we were not happy with how it dealt with some images. Those updated caused an issue. Can you try the most recent version which should fix the module back to what it used to do and hopefully add some additional tricks. Note the docs have been updated to.



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