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Anonymous  [11 posts]
8 year
dear sir
In my project I want to load an image from my serial port camera. I `m in great difficulty to get done myself. I could get connected the camera with roborealm, but I don`t what happen return data from camera when I send commands. please kindly help me.
data sheet.zip
camera tools and ifo.zip
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

You will not be able to user the serial module to grab that much information ... or at least not easily. You will still have the issue of creating an actual image from the data received anyhow.

What I would recommend instead is that we create a module specific to this particular board. This would solve a lot of your issues and give you the best performance. Couple questions:

1. Why are you using this (slow) camera as apposed to a USB camera? Is there a compelling reason to use a serial camera? Just making sure you really need to use this particular model.

2. Would you be able to loan us this camera or setup a remote session that we can login into in order to test a new module? We don't have this particular camera and thus would not be able to test the integration without access to the hardware.


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