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dialog boxes
I have the same problem as previously reported.  When I open the Line Profile dialog box, I can only move it a few pix...
13 year 2 1445
Random Disconnects with Distributor Client
Hello, I have an old Roborealm code that worked correctly on Roborealm version 2.61....
9 year 2 1445
Dose the serial interface support RS-484 communication?...
15 year 2 1445
moving function
Hi Steven A nag, I know.... I just realised what I did before that mad...
10 year 1 1445
Robotics studio samples + vista issue
Hi, I was trying to rebuild the robotics studio samples, specifically the interface project...
15 year 3 1446
Write variables with a zero value
Hi Steven, I'm using the Write_Variables function to create a CSV file of the number of labels I've detected on fr...
5 year 2 1446
Cannot change Color Format for camera
Hello, I am trying to use a iDS UI-1241LE camera in combination with roborealm. I have got the came...
10 year 3 1446
shape recognition
Hi There : Im totally new here but would like to know if RoboRealm will help me do the following: I...
9 year 3 1447
Roborealm API problem reading COG_X and COG_Y
Hi, I am using the roborealm API in VC++6.I am not able to read COG_X and COG_Y variables continuou...
14 year 2 1447
dc Thunder Missile Launcher not able to work with roborealm
hi i was not able to get the dc Thunder Missile Launcher  to work with roborealm(via index=> dc_missile i've tried...
10 year 1 1447
OSC port settings not changeable
I recently run into some strange problems using the OSC protocol interface inside Roborealm. I found some work-arounds . This is...
12 year 2 1447
I have tried to use this program on 3 different computers, 2 with XP and one with Vista. It...
15 year 4 1447
Endurance PCTx (Not Responding)
Hi I'm running RoboRealm v1.8.23.25 and I have an Endurance PCTx usb device.  When I in...
15 year 3 1447
Microsoft Lifecam Cinema - driver missing
Hi Guys... I'm trying to use a Lifecam and I've got errors installing it. I just get a blank scre...
10 year 2 1447
single frame image processing?
I am just wondering if it is possible to process one image frame only? I mean, I would like to give a trigger sign...
11 year 2 1447
Network Tables
Hi, I am trying to the Network Tables module but having issues on the receiving end. RoboRealm is s...
10 year 2 1448
using serial in roborealm
hi, i am doing a project "robo soccer" using roborealm. i am using an IR TRANSMITER  and two robos wit...
13 year 2 1448
Lego_NXT apparent bug
While debugging some code today I was a redobject tracking, vbscript, and lego nxt module.  After setting the second m...
15 year 3 1448
i' cannot get or read any value from roboream using VC++ API i want to display it on edit control(edit box)
13 year 2 1448
Java Controller
Hello roboreal users, I've had a vex controller for awhile now, and besides a few power issues, it...
13 year 2 1448

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