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Cuda, multicore and 64bit support?
I think it would be nice if RR starts to support Multicore CPUs and Cuda enabled graphics cards, since most of embedded computer...
10 year 2 1537
Freezing a frame for AVI Readback
I can play back a recorded AVI file.  How can I stop the playback to debug parts that my modules do not handle as desi...
10 year 2 1537
Java Variables
Hello, I will start with a small introduction, my name is Dave and I am currently working on a project at HAN Univ...
15 year 2 1537
Feature Request: Surveyor SRV-1b with COM port support
Could you modify the latest Surveyor SRV-1b code to support RS-232 at up to 921.6 KB/s as an option to using ethernet t...
16 year 3 1538
RoboRealm Crashing WIth Arduino
So we are using RoboRealm to make a RC car that follows us... our first problem is that after about 1 or 2 minutes of roborealm ...
11 year 0 1538
How do I track pixel movement
How do I track the movement of pixels on a LCD screen while they are being activated and deactivated. I want to tr...
12 year 2 1538
Robotics studio samples + vista issue
Hi, I was trying to rebuild the robotics studio samples, specifically the interface project...
16 year 3 1538
dialog boxes
I have the same problem as previously reported.  When I open the Line Profile dialog box, I can only move it a few pix...
13 year 2 1538
Roborealm help!!!!!
Please someone help me ...Cause my camera is not getting detected in roborealm software.... I just don't know what to do .... I...
12 year 2 1538
How to use the VPL GUI and RoboRealm?
I'm using Roborealm with MRDS. The tutorial page worked great and everything installed, but I can't find guidance/documentatio...
11 year 1 1538
Dose the serial interface support RS-484 communication?...
15 year 2 1538
recommend a USB video capture device?
I want to use a USB video capture device rather than a web cam. I gather that not all USB video capture devices are created equa...
14 year 2 1538
illegal parking
Hi I would like to know if RR can be given a bitmap from a camera and then it processes the bitmap and determine...
12 year 2 1539
Help with the Button interface
I am looking for help on the button interface.  I am trying to control a servo position with button. &nbs...
16 year 2 1539
Hi All I have just noticed a small problem with RR and fiducials when i view a fiducial the x rotation varies abou...
14 year 4 1539
Painting with a lightsource
So I just came across this program tonight, and now I have many projects I want to design and pursue... but I have a question: <...
15 year 6 1539
finding heighest white pixel on each x pixel column
Hi all, I've failed to figure this one out! What I am wanting to do i...
13 year 2 1539
Guitar hero bot
Hi guys.  I have my PS2 w/ Guitar Hero: Aerosmith hooked up to my PC, with the RCA hooked up to a tuner card. &nb...
14 year 3 1539
I am attempting to use the Phidgets 8/8/8 I/O board to control several analogue input variables in RR.  When I start t...
12 year 3 1539
Microphone from the webcam
Is there anyway to activate the microphone on the webcam and listen ? I am using a Philips spc100nc.
16 year 2 1539

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