input from camera
14 year

Is there a way to take input from the camera (via robotrealm) and perse it to my java program rather than saving every frame to a file?

I am working with leJOS and i have a neural network that takes input from the camera(via robotrealm). Is there a way i can achive this? The image is just a grayscale + threashold (binary image).
Anonymous 14 year
Sure take a look at the virtual camera http://www.roborealm.com/help/Virtual_Camera_Driver.php
Anonymous 14 year
Yes, the virtual camera is a possibility but the API might provide you with more control over how RoboRealm operates. If you are creating a custom system then the API will be a better choice, if you want to pipe RoboRealm images into an application that you do not have the source too then the Virtual Cam is really the only way to do that. It just depends on how much access you have to the other application.

FYI, you will also find Java works much nicer with Socket based systems than with the DirectX subsystem ...



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