Multiple Autonomous CoroBots
John Roberts  [5 posts]
13 year

I am using two CoroBots for a school project. The CoroBots have RR installed and have Windows OS.

My goal is to have the two CoroBots follow a line while searching for an object (probably use a fiducial). Once the object is located by a robot, it should signal the other CoroBot to stop searching and return to starting position.

How can I have the two CoroBots communicate? Should/can I use the Modbus Slave?

John Roberts  [5 posts] 13 year
**Update to question**

I found your tutorial on using an API... would it be best to use my laptop to run code that uses an API to control both CoroBots? It seems that I could remotely control and receive data from both CoroBots by using the API server.
Anonymous 13 year

There are a lot of possible solutions for this. Yes, using the API is one possibility and would allow a central program to control both machines. You have complete access using the API to variables or programs within RoboRealm so you can accomplish this using the API. The API is also handy if you intend to do other more sophisticated orchestrations.

Another possibility (and quicker in terms of programming time) is to use the Distributor modules.


which will allow you to share variables between the two robots. Pick one as the server and the other as the client. I.e. one runs the server module and the other runs the client module. Disable the sending of images (assuming you don't need this) and allow for variables to flow back and forth. Now, when one sets a variable like 'mission_complete' the other will eventually get that value and can then change its state based on that variable.

There are many other ways to communicate between the two robots (you could even use a HTTP post into the others webserver) but the distributor modules are meant for RR to RR communication.

John Roberts  [5 posts] 13 year

It looks like the distributor module is the best option for me.

Thank you so much!


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