Counting chub packages in case
bob from United States  [1 posts]
12 year
I'm scratching my head on where to start this one. I am trying to get a total count on the sticks, but because of their irregular shape I'm not sure how to go about it. I'm wondering if counting the wire ties on the end may be the way to go. The original image is captured at 1600 pixels. The posted one has been reduced to 640. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Anonymous 12 year

Hmm, you do have a tough task. It seems that focusing on the tips is the right way to go. It would require some additional thinking on how to distinguish from the tips versus the other white parts. Size comes close to eliminating those extra white areas but doesn't quite do the job.

Are you able to modfiy the environment at all?

Using the Kinect would probably get the job done since the tips would be a different height and could be isolated quite easily (at least we think they could).


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