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Can't open any file
Hello, I am trying the RR version 2.10.8 in a Vista OS,  I can't open the examples or saved files. Coul...
14 year 5 1527
Image Match Module Crashes
I load the Image_Match module. After "training", the module crashes the application without fail. I have tried many different...
14 year 3 1527
Bluetooth problem LEGO NXT
Hello everyone, I have a problem with the bluetooth connection Roborealm - NXT robot on windows 7 (32bit / 64bit)....
12 year 3 1527
Roborealm help!!!!!
Please someone help me ...Cause my camera is not getting detected in roborealm software.... I just don't know what to do .... I...
12 year 2 1527
Microphone from the webcam
Is there anyway to activate the microphone on the webcam and listen ? I am using a Philips spc100nc.
16 year 2 1528
I am attempting to use the Phidgets 8/8/8 I/O board to control several analogue input variables in RR.  When I start t...
12 year 3 1528
high speed line followers robot
there is a line with junction that robots should follow the line ,which means it should use more than two light sensor.
14 year 3 1528
Commerical use of RoboRealm
Dear All, I wish to know whether I could use RobotRealm for commercial vision applications. &n...
16 year 2 1528
moving function
Hi Steven A nag, I know.... I just realised what I did before that mad...
10 year 1 1528
Network Tables and Smart Dashboard not working
We saw Steven Gentner's post on getting smart dashboard working, but his program did not output anything. What do we need to d...
11 year 3 1529
Imagenation PXC200A video capture card compatability?
Has anyone tried getting a Imagenation PXC200A video capture card to work with RoboRealm?  (http://www.imagenation.com...
12 year 3 1529
connect to matlab
how can i send data to matlab or labview via roborealm? how can i use a DAQ in rr?...
16 year 2 1529
Straight Lines module behaviour
STeven, Still fiddling with RoboRealm, and getting inconsistent behaviour with the Straight Lines m...
15 year 2 1529
people counting
i am unable to create blob_count. i am using the latest version (2.37.13) which i just downloaded recently. could anyone help me...
13 year 1 1529
first frame
In the movement module the background image of first frame is slected for operation. It appears the first frame seems not to be...
13 year 2 1529
Color object tracking
Hi, I read the 'color object tracking' and I wonder if is it possible to read the coordinates from...
15 year 2 1529
Multiple if Statement
hi guys...im having problems using multiple if statement.. in my program, there are 3 blobs present...
12 year 3 1530
More for Steven
I have many computers. I do my best to uninstall before I reinstall. I am trying to get RR to work on my roomba now. I just got...
12 year 2 1530
Help Voice control Write Avi and Read Avi module
Hi, i have problem need someone help; i use speech recognition to voice control roborealm record Write avi and pla...
15 year 3 1530
Helooo.  Everytime i install the software off the lego mindstorms disc provided with the kit and then click run it say...
14 year 2 1530

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