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One last bug for today ;-)
STeven, one last crash for today with the Python module. Program runs with a=19 and crashes with a ...
9 year 3 1451
Distributor Client/Server
Is there a way to control the data rate for Distributor Client/Server. I sometimes receive only partial image (the rest is dark)...
14 year 2 1451
Logitech QuickCam Communicate Delux Trouble
Hi, I am very excited to try the software it looks great.  However, I am having trouble with my webcam.&...
15 year 2 1451
Full screen mode
When I change the zoom level to full screen I just get a black screen. Works fine at all other zoom levels but can...
9 year 2 1451
Defining areas
Hi All, I have the following issue: I have identified a red sq...
16 year 3 1452
Perspective projection module in roborealm
I am attempting to draw lines showing the optimal robot path into the scene.  I can manually draw the lines (using the...
9 year 3 1452
Serial Module
Hi, I am using the Object Tracker software that I downloaded from the site. I am getting up values...
14 year 2 1452
for Steven
Hey, Steven,      Here is a situation that I have run into. I have been trying...
12 year 3 1452
Hi All I have just noticed a small problem with RR and fiducials when i view a fiducial the x rotation varies abou...
13 year 4 1452
Serial communication from colour filter
I want to be able to differentiate between a yellow/green tennis ball and an orange golf ball in order to send serial communicat...
9 year 2 1452
Sero movment rates and Query servo position
Hi there, I was sifting through some code on the forums.  I came across  this: ...
12 year 2 1452
RoboRealm Crashing WIth Arduino
So we are using RoboRealm to make a RC car that follows us... our first problem is that after about 1 or 2 minutes of roborealm ...
10 year 0 1452
Feature Request: Surveyor SRV-1b with COM port support
Could you modify the latest Surveyor SRV-1b code to support RS-232 at up to 921.6 KB/s as an option to using ethernet t...
15 year 3 1452
Roborealm help!!!!!
Please someone help me ...Cause my camera is not getting detected in roborealm software.... I just don't know what to do .... I...
11 year 2 1452
downloading to rcx crashes computer
everytime I try to download software to rcx the computer freezes up.  Using robolab 2.5.4 and windows vista, need help...
15 year 3 1452
SSC-32 Win 98 Software ?
Does anyone know of free software similar to RoboRealm's for the Lynxmotion SSC-32 that works w/Win 98?...
15 year 2 1453
PhidgetServo not found
Hi, I am trying to connect the Phidget Advanced Servo 8-Motor controller to RoboRealm.
11 year 1 1453
SRV-1b camera image not showing properly
Hi, i am able to connect to the SRV-1B platform and manually able to control the movement of the bot. I am also able to recieve...
15 year 2 1453
Location of barcodes in image
We would like to use RoboRealm to read all barcodes in a stack of cartons as part of a factory automation system.  We ...
5 year 5 1453
General question
programming language of roborealm c , java .. etc? why is it considered to be faster than openCv in general?
9 year 2 1453

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