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One last bug for today ;-)
STeven, one last crash for today with the Python module. Program runs with a=19 and crashes with a ...
9 year 3 1479
General question
programming language of roborealm c , java .. etc? why is it considered to be faster than openCv in general?
9 year 2 1480
Anyway of incorporating Roborealm in a system so no PC is needed?
I'm looking for a portable solution so I can use Roborealm modules directly without using a computer. Is that possible?
7 year 2 1480
Multiple if Statement
hi guys...im having problems using multiple if statement.. in my program, there are 3 blobs present...
12 year 3 1480
Virtually remove fiducial from image
What would be the best approach for removing fiducials from the final image displayed.  We want to use the fiducial fo...
10 year 2 1480
using serial in roborealm
hi, i am doing a project "robo soccer" using roborealm. i am using an IR TRANSMITER  and two robos wit...
13 year 2 1480
I'm using RoboRealm 2.28.4  I see there is a new version out. I'm wanting to upgrade to...
12 year 2 1480
downloading to rcx crashes computer
everytime I try to download software to rcx the computer freezes up.  Using robolab 2.5.4 and windows vista, need help...
15 year 3 1480
Serial communication from colour filter
I want to be able to differentiate between a yellow/green tennis ball and an orange golf ball in order to send serial communicat...
10 year 2 1480
Multiple Cameras
Hi, I have a simple question, i want to try to use 2 or 3 cameras together for 3D Vision (x,y,z)
15 year 2 1480
Pending in cycles
impossible use in VBS script instruction with cycles Wile...wend, do Wile...Loop, and etc herewith after start Pending RR on des...
15 year 2 1481
openni2 module missing
I just downloaded the last update for my subscription and it is missing both Openni2 and OpenNI_kinect modules. <...
8 year 3 1481
Hello, I have been using RoboRealm for several weeks with very good success. However, I now want to...
10 year 2 1481
Multiple COG coordinates
Noob question .How do I display the COG coordinates of each of the 3 circles ?Clearly , the RGB filter , once set to (say) green...
9 year 2 1481
Hi all, I am new to roborealm and I currently am having a problem connecting a kinect sensor into r...
10 year 2 1481
change RGB color filter
Hi. I've recently downloaded roborealm and it makes every image application simpler,thanks! here,I'm stuck at a point. Could I...
12 year 5 1481
PhidgetServo not found
Hi, I am trying to connect the Phidget Advanced Servo 8-Motor controller to RoboRealm.
11 year 1 1481
R/C speed control Joystick issue.
I am very new at this. I have an R/C Rock Crawler interfaced with an Arduino and an XBee to RR. The steering servo...
12 year 3 1482
Kinect Noise
The Kinect depth map is very noisy, making it very hard to try and do motion tracking. Is there some way to filter this noise al...
11 year 1 1482
Moment statistics bug
When I calculate Moment Statistics the variables it creates do not appear in RR until after they are detected. eg. If I do a mov...
14 year 4 1482

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