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MakerKids Toronto Fall Robotics Program
Good afternoon, MakerKids-a makerspace for youth in Toronto just announced their fall programming f...
10 year 1 1530
Helooo.  Everytime i install the software off the lego mindstorms disc provided with the kit and then click run it say...
14 year 2 1530
Help Voice control Write Avi and Read Avi module
Hi, i have problem need someone help; i use speech recognition to voice control roborealm record Write avi and pla...
15 year 3 1530
image processing
how can i recognize the numeric digits in different images of circular tokens which are very similar to coins....
14 year 2 1531
Multiple COG coordinates
Noob question .How do I display the COG coordinates of each of the 3 circles ?Clearly , the RGB filter , once set to (say) green...
9 year 2 1531
Perspective projection module in roborealm
I am attempting to draw lines showing the optimal robot path into the scene.  I can manually draw the lines (using the...
10 year 3 1531
Robo Relam Trial expired
Hi, My Robo Relam Trial period has expired . Is it possible to increase trial period....
12 year 2 1531
R/C speed control Joystick issue.
I am very new at this. I have an R/C Rock Crawler interfaced with an Arduino and an XBee to RR. The steering servo...
12 year 3 1532
Interfacing RoboRealm to a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS
I have a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS that I'd like to interface to RoboRealm. This camera and many o...
12 year 3 1532
dc Thunder Missile Launcher not able to work with roborealm
hi i was not able to get the dc Thunder Missile Launcher  to work with roborealm(via index=> dc_missile i've tried...
11 year 1 1532
Hello, I have been using RoboRealm for several weeks with very good success. However, I now want to...
10 year 2 1533
RoboRealm API Set_Camera_Properties
Hi, I have a question unrelated to my topic that I wanted to ask first:
7 year 2 1533
Cannnot get either mailbox nxt-g examples to work
Hi there, I am not able to get either of the mialbox nxt-g examples to work. I have checked setting...
12 year 1 1533
using serial in roborealm
hi, i am doing a project "robo soccer" using roborealm. i am using an IR TRANSMITER  and two robos wit...
14 year 2 1533
PhidgetServo not found
Hi, I am trying to connect the Phidget Advanced Servo 8-Motor controller to RoboRealm.
11 year 1 1533
Roborealm crashes when webserver is activated
Hi, When I start streaming from the webserver using Firefox, the image freezes frequently. I tried ...
8 year 6 1533
HELLO! I have a problem of slow when I open an application that I have made ​​with Robo...
11 year 2 1533
Roomba internet control
Hi, I followed this tutorial: ...
12 year 3 1534
tracking circles in RoboRealm?
I need to track three dilating white spheres for a project and analyze the data drawn from the motion of the particles. A collea...
16 year 2 1534
Programming X-Y Dimension variable
Hello.A particular problem statement that I am working on requires that one half of the screen I run RGB filter set to g...
16 year 2 1534

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