downloading to rcx crashes computer
steven from United States  [1 posts]
15 year
everytime I try to download software to rcx the computer freezes up.  Using robolab 2.5.4 and windows vista, need help, cant proceed.
Anonymous 15 year
Sounds like it may be a problem with the infra red tower driver.  Is it usb or the older serial port type?  I havent used the old rcx for a long time and mine uses the older serial type connection.
Anonymous 15 year
Yes, the previous post is correct. It is most likely the IR tower not transmitting correctly. We also had a lot of issues trying to download the core code. We ended up

1. Replace the batteries to ensure they are full power
2. Upload the code in a dark room with NO other IR devices around ... esp sunlight that can really cause issues. You are most likely in a noisy IR environment ...
3. You RCX may just be bad ... perhaps see if you can get someone elses RCX to connect in your environment?


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